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Lake Water Blob Launchers for Sale


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Discover the top-rated inflatable water blob! Bouncia’s best-selling inflatable water blob is the go-to choice for inflatable water parks and aquatic enthusiasts seeking the ultimate thrill.

Giant Aqua Park Inflatable, a perfect blend of fun, excitement, and adventure. This inflatable water park is designed to provide a variety of activities including diving, climbing, and sliding, ensuring endless fun for everyone.

Giant Aqua Park Inflatable, a perfect blend of fun, excitement, and adventure. This inflatable water park is designed to provide a variety of activities including diving, climbing, and sliding, ensuring endless fun for everyone.

Lake Blob Launchers revolutionize aquatic entertainment, offering a thrilling experience for adventurers of all ages. Let’s explore what these water blob launchers entail, explore Bouncia’s offerings, explore their versatile applications, learn how to choose the right one, and understand the advantages they bring.

Turn Your Inflatable Idea into Reality with Bouncia!

What is a Lake Water Blob Launcher?

The Lake Water Blob Launcher is an exciting, inflatable device that enhances fun on the water. It’s commonly used in lakes but can also be enjoyed in seas, pools, or other water areas. This launcher catapults users into the air, providing thrilling moments. Designed with safety and durability, it’s suitable for anyone aged 6 and older. Ideal for water parks, resorts, or even home pools, it turns any water setting into a lively playground.

Versatile Uses of Blob Launchers: From Water Parks to Home Pools

The Water Blob Launcher is widely used in commercial water parks, often paired with other park features. It can be integrated with inflatable, wooden or metal frame water towers for standalone operation in resorts, campsites, and events. The mini Water Blob can also be connected to trampolines for use in personal swimming pools.

Bouncia’s Water Blobs For Sale

Crafted from 32oz durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials, our Water Blob Launchers are available in sizes ranging from 4 meters to 12 meters. These sizes accommodate various jump heights, ensuring a thrilling experience for users.
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Advantages of Bouncia Lake Water Blob Launcher

Factory Direct Pricing: With our own manufacturing facility, Bouncia offers you factory-direct pricing. This setup ensures that you receive high-quality products at competitive prices, directly from the source, maintaining affordability without sacrificing quality.

Custom Commercial-Grade Materials: Our Water Blob Launchers are crafted from specialized anti-aging materials designed for commercial use, allowing them to outperform standard materials by 30%-50%. Additionally, the base of our launchers features a 2.0mm thick layer, providing more than double the thickness of typical materials and ensuring durability.

Safety Certification:  At Bouncia, your safety is paramount. Our products are rigorously tested and certified to meet stringent safety standards, including TUV certification. We also use REACH-certified materials, ensuring that your water blob launcher is not only safe but also environmentally compliant, offering you complete peace of mind.

How to Choose a High-Quality Water Blob Launcher?

When diving into the world of water blob launchers, ensuring you choose a top-notch product is crucial for both safety and enjoyment. Here’s a quick guide to picking the best water blob launcher:
Safety First: Choose inflatable water blobs that are TUV-certified to ensure they meet stringent safety and quality standards. Certification confirms that your water blob launcher is built to the highest safety specifications.

Reinforced Workmanship: Ensure that the water blob launchers you plan to purchase are reinforced for enhanced durability and performance.

High-quality Materials: Choose inflatable water blobs made from materials that are durable, anti-UV, and resistant to heat. It is especially important for the base to be exceptionally sturdy, as it absorbs significant impact with each landing.
Making the Right ChoiceBy prioritizing these key factors, you invest in a water blob launcher that not only boosts your commercial offerings but also demonstrates your commitment to providing safe, high-quality experiences to your customers.

Safety Tips for Using the Water Blob Launcher

To ensure a safe and exhilarating experience for everyone using the Water Blob Launcher, please follow these important guidelines:
  1. Roles and Preparation:Whether you’re the “flyer,” ready at the front end for an exciting launch, or the “jumper,” poised to jump onto the Inflatable Blob to create the launch, working together is crucial. After being launched, the flyer should swim to the side to let the jumper have a thrilling moment as the flyer. This cycle of taking turns enhances the enjoyment for all participants while ensuring safety.
  2. Following Guidance:Both flyers and jumpers must follow the instructions provided by staff members. Flyers should position themselves squarely at the water blob launcher’s end, sitting properly in the center. Jumpers must aim for a safe and precise jump onto the designated spot. Adhering to these instructions ensures safety and maximizes the fun.
  3. Supervision and Guidance: It is mandatory for children to have a guardian present, and the presence of a trained staff member or lifeguard is crucial for providing guidance and ensuring safety for all users.
  1. Equipment Check:Before using, inspect the Inflatable Blob for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Preventing accidents caused by equipment failure starts with a thorough check.
  2. Weather Awareness:Avoid using the Water Blob Launcher during adverse weather conditions, such as high winds or lightning storms, to keep everyone safe.
  3. No Risky Tricks:Performing flips or somersaults when being launched increases the risk of head and neck injuries and should be avoided.
  4. Capacity and Courtesy:Respect the Inflatable Water Blob’s maximum capacity to prevent collisions and ensure a safe environment for everyone. Being mindful of others contributes to a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
Following these guidelines ensures that your adventure on the Water Blob Launcher is safe and full of excitement for everyone involved.
Enhance your water-based business with Bouncia’s Water Blob Launcher, a perfect blend of excitement, safety, and durability. Ready to elevate your offerings and exceed customer expectations? Choose Bouncia to take your business to the next level.


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If You Want to learn more about us or our products, welcome to leave a message below.