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Established in 2009, Bouncia specializes in commercial inflatable floating water parks, a foundational product of our brand with a strong presence in Europe, Oceania, and North America. As one of the top three inflatable water park brands worldwide, we take pride in our achievements. By the end of 2023, we had completed over 200 water park projects in more than 50 countries, with 90% customized to our clients’ specific requirements. If you have a water park area, come to Bouncia—we have the perfect solution for you!
Our floating water park equipment is TUV-certified, meeting the rigorous EN ISO25649 standards required for safety and quality in licensing and insurance. Explore our aqua park for sale offerings to find customizable solutions that fit your specific needs.
Expanding our range, we now also offer a comprehensive selection of inflatable sports and entertainment products, including commercial slip-and-slides, 5k adult obstacle courses, and more. Each product upholds the high-quality standards that have made our floating water parks globally renowned.
Bouncia water park
Looking to enhance your attractions or introduce new activities? Bouncia provides reliable, safe, and high-quality inflatable products that can transform your business and delight your clients. Learn more about our products and discover the Bouncia difference. Visit our Product Page for detailed information, or contact our expert team at export@bouncia.com.cn for personalized solutions. Let us help you elevate your recreational offerings today.

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Design imitation is a prevalent issue in this industry. Sometimes, even before we introduce our newly designed products to the market, knock-off versions appear. You might come across our designs with other suppliers, but even if they look similar, the craftsmanship varies greatly. Below are the distinctions between Bouncia’s water parks and the imitations:
Bouncia water park VS other water park suppliers

Benefits to
Work with Bouncia Inflatables

1)Direct Factory Prices for Faster ROI (Return on Investment).
2)98% On-Time Delivery Record.
3)Items In-Stock and Ready to Ship.

Our Story


We’re founded as a trading company specializing in floating water sports and other air-sealed inflatables.


To provide better service and quality to our clients, we established our own factory.


Bouncia relocated to a larger factory and began offering OEM services to a German brand.


Our factory expanded from 3,500 square meters to 7,000 square meters.


We registered the ‘Bouncia’ brand and launched it via offline expos and online channels.



Bouncia water parks have been installed in over 200 locations across 50+ countries. We’re striving to become the top water park supplier.

Meet Our People

Jeff Huang

Co-founder and General Manager of Bouncia. Prior to establishing Bouncia, Jeff gained eight years of mid-level management experience with global top 500 companies. His meticulous and disciplined management approach has ensured Bouncia boasts a delivery punctuality of over 95%, and a minimal order complaint rate of less than 5%.

Jacky Qiu

Co-founder and Design Director of Bouncia. Drawing from his foundational years as a soldier, Jacky developed a deep sense of responsibility and discipline. By 2022, he had accumulated twelve years of expertise in designing inflatable water parks and eight years managing design teams. His mission is crafting inflatable water park pieces that are safe, enjoyable, and exceptionally cost-effective.

Lina Tan

Co-founder and Sales Director of Bouncia. With a proven track record as an outstanding salesperson, Lina brings patience and understanding to every client interaction. She holds the Bouncia sales team to a gold standard of customer service. If ever you find our sales service lacking, Lina is eager to assist.

Laura Lee

Founder and Marketing Director of Bouncia. Laura firmly believes in not just doing things, but doing them well. Her ultimate goal is to establish Bouncia's reputation as an esteemed company. Should you have concerns about our product quality or after-sale service, Laura is always here.

Jane Fu

Joining Bouncia in 2012 as a senior sales Representative, Jane has since been involved in over seventy water park projects. Known for her professionalism and patience, she is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction.

Amy Peng

Amy, our Senior Sales Representative, is known for her great service. Except when she's sleeping, she quickly replies to client messages and emails.

Carina Su

Carina is a dedicated Senior Sales Representative known for her professionalism and patience. She always thinks from the customer's perspective and quickly responds to their needs.

Aroma Long

Our Senior Sales Rep Aroma, an English major, speaks English fluently. She's professional, responsible, and easy to talk to.

Anneye Qiu

Our Marketing Assistant, Anneye, always aims to do her best. She's patient and responsible in her work.


If you want to learn more about us or our products, welcome to leave a message below.

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If You Want to learn more about us or our products, welcome to leave a message below.