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Factory Tour

Since it’s not a small investment to start an inflatable water park business, in order to learn more about Bouncia, welcome to visit us personally before buying the water park. During your visit, you can see how we design the inflatable water park items, each process of the production and how we control the quality. You can also discuss your water park plan with our designer and sales representative face to face. It will be helpful for you to make the decision. 
Our sales team is working in the city, if you plan to visit us, please make appointment with our sales representative first.

A Glimpse of Bouncia’s Production Base

In this brief video tour, get an up-close look at Bouncia’s expansive facilities. It encompasses our main office, staff accommodations, and two spacious workshops dedicated to producing premium inflatable water park equipment and other products. Each workshop, spanning roughly 3,000 square meters, is a single-story structure with a tin roof, providing ample space for indoor air-tightness testing of most products. Dive in to see where the magic happens!
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Crafting the Perfect Design

Every great product starts with a thoughtfully crafted design. This initial phase encompasses not just the overall layout but also intricate pattern making. Our seasoned designers, each boasting over a decade of industry experience, prioritize safety, fun, and cost-effectiveness in their designs. Trust in their expertise to set the foundation for an exceptional inflatable entertainment products.
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Ensuring Material Quality

Our commitment to quality starts at the source. Even though we receive testing reports for every new batch of PVC materials from our suppliers, we believe in the importance of double-checking. Upon receipt, we conduct our own in-house tests on these materials to validate their tensile strength, tear resistance, folding endurance and the adhesion strength of the coating.
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Auto-Cutting Process

Following the pattern creation, our auto-cutting machine precisely cuts the material. This ensures the edges of the components are smooth and neatly finished.
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Advanced Printing Techniques

Utilizing cutting-edge digital printing technology, we ensure vibrant and consistent prints on our inflatable products, from warning labels to logos. The ink is specially formulated to resist UV rays, ensuring longevity even under prolonged sun exposure.
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Refined Sewing Techniques

For our components like grab handles, carrying handles, and anchor plates require initial sewing before the welding process. We use UV-resistant thread, ensuring durability and longevity even under prolonged sun exposure. To further enhance durability, all these parts come reinforced, promising an extended lifespan.
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Precision High-Frequency Welding

Recognizing the potential weaknesses of traditional gluing, especially in high temperatures where components like handles and anchor rings can become separated, we’ve adopted high-frequency welding techniques. This method ensures a more durable and steadfast attachment. As a testament to our commitment to quality, the pulling strength of these components surpasses the requirements set by the EN ISO25649 standard.
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Eyelet Punching

This video demonstrates the process of creating eyelet strips for inflatable water park products. While most parks on the market rely solely on the D-ring connection method, Bouncia has innovatively introduced a patented dual-connection approach, combining both D-rings and eyelets, to ensure enhanced stability on the water, especially in windy and wavy conditions.
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High-Temperature Welding

High-temperature welding is employed to join individual panels of inflatable water park items and other inflatable products. A crucial step, many quality issues arise here. Thankfully, 40% of our welding experts boast over 8 years with Bouncia, and the remaining have a 3–7-year tenure.
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Reinforcement Panel Laminating

Our process now uses advanced machinery to adhere reinforcement panels to the main body, replacing the older, manual gluing method. These reinforcements significantly extend the lifespan of our water parks.
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Quality Control

Every process supervisor at Bouncia is quality-responsible. Additionally, our QC team conducts random inspections during production, and upon completion, ensures a thorough 100% examination of all our inflatables.
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Air-tightness Testing

To guarantee the highest level of quality and durability in our inflatable products, we have instituted a stringent air-tightness testing process. Every inflatable item we produce is subjected to a meticulous 24-hour air-tightness assessment to ensure its longevity and performance.
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After passing the air-tightness test, items are packed into durable PVC storage bags. Typically, 2-3 people can package most items within 15-20 minutes. Larger items may require more people and more time.
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The final step in our factory is loading. Depending on the volume, transportation might require anything from a 20GP container to a larger 40-foot variant.
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If you want to learn more about us or our products, welcome to leave a message below.

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