Bouncia Yacht Inflatables for Sale

Discover the world of yacht inflatables with Bouncia! We offer durable, tailor-made inflatables designed to fit your yacht perfectly and enhance your yachting experience. Perfect for both private and rental yachts, our products combine fun and practicality.


Custom Yacht Slide – Tailored Water Fun for Any Yacht Size

Inflatable Sea Pool for Yachts – Jellyfish Protection Net Included

Inflatable Platform with Drop Stitch Material – Multiple Sizes Available

Inflatable Floating Island for Lake or Pool– 6-Person Floating Lounge 01

Types of Yacht Inflatables

Transform your yacht into the ultimate fun zone with our exciting range of yacht inflatables:

1.Yacht Inflatable Slide. Add excitement with our yacht inflatable slides. Guests will love sliding straight into the water, making your yacht a standout attraction.

2. Yacht Inflatable Pool. Create a safe swimming area with our yacht inflatable pools, featuring secure nets for a clean and fun environment.

3. Floating Cabanas. Offer ultimate relaxation with floating cabanas equipped with loungers, tables, storage, and canopies.

4. Floating Platform. Ideal for activities like water yoga, lounging, and playing, our inflatable water mats add a spacious area for various water activities.

5. Other Commercial Yacht Inflatables. Discover additional options like mini slides, shark slides, and water trampoline combos to enhance your yacht setup.

How to Choose the Right Yacht Inflatables

Ready to boost your yacht business? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best yacht inflatables:
1. Know What You Need.Consider your guests’ preferences. Do they want thrills with a slide or a relaxing swim in a pool? Choose based on their needs.
2. Size and Fit.Measure your yacht space to ensure the inflatables fit perfectly.
3. Check Material and Quality.Look for high-quality, sun, and sea-resistant materials for durability.
4. Safety First.Ensure your inflatables have safety features like reinforced attachments and sturdy construction. Happy guests mean a successful business!

Advantages of Bouncia Yacht Inflatables

1. Custom Commercial-Grade Materials:We use super-strong, customized ANTI-UV and heat-resistant PVC tarpaulin. Our yacht inflatables are built to last, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
2. Tough Attachments:Our D-ring patches are reinforced with four layers, making them extra sturdy. All parts are designed to be super strong, meeting and even exceeding EN ISO25649 standards by 5-7 times. You can trust that our inflatables are safe and durable.

Bouncia Yacht Inflatables Case Studies

Bouncia’s yacht inflatables are perfect for private yachts and commercial charters, consistently delivering fun and excitement. Explore our case studies to see real-world examples:
Yacht Inflatable Slide in Thailand
Yacht Inflatable Pool in Thailand

Direct from the Manufacturer

Experience the Bouncia advantage with factory direct pricing. Our dedicated team ensures top-quality yacht inflatables, crafted with care and expertise. See our factory and meet the people behind the products.
Bouncia Inflatable Water Park Factory, manufacturer of inflatable water park and other sports inflatables

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