Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course For Sale

Crafted by Bouncia with Over 13 Years’ Experience

5K Obstacle Course List

Bouncia Durable Inflatable Obstacle 5K Course for Sale – 303m (994ft) Long

Best-Selling 5K Inflatable Race for Commercial Use – 195m (640ft) Long

Free Customized On Land Inflatable Race 5K for Sale – 50m (164ft) Long

S-Shape 5k Obstacle Course For Sale- 73m (240ft) Long

Bouncia Cost-effective Inflatable 5k for Sale- 85m (278ft) Long

Our inflatable 5k obstacle course cases

Project in Australia

Project in Finland

Discover Our Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course Strengths

CE Certificate of our inflatable 5k obstacle course

Reinforcement Details Of Our Obstacle Courses

Why Choose Us?

1) 98% On-Time Delivery Rate
As the direct manufacturer, we have full control over production schedules and quality assurance. This enables us to consistently achieve a 98% on-time delivery rate, providing you with peace of mind from order to setup.
2) Durable and Safe Materials
We exclusively use commercial-grade PVC material for our inflatable 5k obstacle course fully compliant with REACH regulations for safety.
3) Enhanced Durability Through Intensive Reinforcement
Understanding the demands of commercial use, we prioritize product longevity. Our approach includes the addition of extra layers to ensure our obstacle elements withstand the test of time and use.

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